Swedish Full Body    60 mins  |  £54.00

Back, Neck & Shoulders    30 mins  |  £35.00

Remedial Back, Neck & Shoulders    30 mins  |  £40.00

Remedial Full Body    60 mins  |  £65.00

TH.Stone Therapy    60 mins  |  £65.00

The ultimate massage therapy! Hot stone therapy is a complete body, mind and soul treatment using hot volcanic stones to massage the stresses and strains out of your joints and muscles.

Deluxe Treatment Using TH.Stone Therapy    90 mins  |  £75.00

Why not pamper yourself and try the deluxe treatment, including exfoliation of the legs and arms and body brushing.

Holistic Foot & Nail Treatment with Hot Stones    60 mins  |  £60.00

A holistic foot and nail treatment including gentle skin softening, exfoliation and a relaxing massage using hot stones.

Mediterranean Light Candle Massage

30 mins  |  £40.00    60 mins  |  £64.00    90 mins  |  £95.00

A luxurious body massage treatment which commences with an application of energising crystals to the Chakra energy points to induce relaxation and create a sense of harmony. During this time the Mediterranean Light Candle is burned, emitting a wonderful fragrance
of which you may choose your preferred aroma. The warm wax from the candle is then poured over the body with a prolonged body massage to ease tension and relax the mind.

Sunset in Egypt – Citrus

The Colour of Provence – Lavender

Flavours of Andalucia – Olive & Rosemary

Simply choose your time – 30 mins for back, neck and shoulders, 60 mins for a full body treatment, or 90 mins because you just need it!